Ceybank Portfolio Management

Ceybank Asset Management Limited is licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka to Manage Private Client portfolios.

The Discretionary Portfolio Management service offered by us covers all asset classes and is guided by a comprehensive Fund Management Agreement between Ceybank Asset Management Limited and the Client. The Investment Policy Statement is a key element of this agreement.

All assets of the Client Portfolio are held under the custody of an independent custodian who will look after the Client’s interests.

Portfolio performance in terms of the return generated within the investment parameters set out, will define the success of the Fund Management Exercise. Performance is measured based on agreed parameters and is linked to the Manager’s remuneration in order to be a mutually rewarding exercise.


The Company

Ceybank Asset Management Ltd
No 54/C/1, Ward Place
Colombo 07
Sri Lanka

Telephone : 94 11 7602000-2
Fax : 94 11 2693475
Email : info@ceybank.com
Corporate Website : www.ceybank.com


Bank of Ceylon
Carson Cumberbatch PLC
Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation
Unit Trust of India

Board of Directors

Mr P.S.C. Pelpola - Chairman
Mr. Mano Selvanathan - Deputy Chairman
Mr. Chitra Sathkumara - Executive Director/ CEO
Mr. G. A. Jayashantha (Alternate Director)- Nominee Director – Bank of Ceylon
Mr. P.A. Lionel - Nominee Director – Bank of Ceylon
MR. A. Weeratunge (Alternate Director) - Nominee Director – Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation
Mr. M.S.P.R.Perera - Nominee Director – Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation
Mr. B Babu Rao - Nominee Director – Unit Trust of India

Funds under Management

Unit Trust Portfolios
Ceybank Unit Trust Fund -Income and Growth Fund
Ceybank Century Growth Fund - Equity Fund
Ceybank Savings Plus Money Market Fund - Money Market
Ceybank Surakum Fund - Income (Gilt Edge) Fund
Ceybank Gilt Edge Fund – Income (Gilt Edge) Fund