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Individuals & Corporates have diverse investment needs and expectations. Some investors would want high capital growth, while others look to generating regular income. Risk averse investors might want to preserve their capital. Cash management and tax efficient investments are just some of the other varied needs.

Our Products & Services give investors an opportunity to choose an investment to suit their specific need and are categorized as follows.

Ceybank Unit Trust Funds

Before investing we suggest you consider the following aspects.

  • What is your objective in investing this money & Expected return
  • What is the risk you can tolerate (can you afford to see temporary decline of your capital?)
  • Do you need a regular income
  • How long do you intend keeping the investment (do you need liquidity)

The following diagram will help you choose an investment (Fund/s) suited to your needs and expectations.

Fund Name Ceybank Century Growth Fund Ceybank Unit TrustFund Ceybank Savings Plus Money Market Fund Ceybank Surakum Gilt Edge Fund Ceybank Gilt Edge Fund A Series)
Investment Objectiv eCapital GrowthCapital Growth & IncomeIncomeIncomeIncome
Return ExpectationHighMedium to HighMediumLow to MediumLow to Medium
Risk BarometerHighMedium to HighLow to MediumLowLow
Fund CategoryGrowthIncome and GrowthMoney MarketGilt EdgeGilt Edge
Recommended Investment PeriodLong TermMedium–Long TermShort termShort – Medium termShort – Medium term
Minimum Initial InvestmentRs 1,000/-Rs 1,000/-Rs 1,000/-Rs 1,000/-Rs 1,000/-
LiquidityCan be cashed at the day's prevailing price on any working day
Fund Invests InStocksStocks/T bills/ Corporate DebtCorporate Debt/T billsT bills/ T bondsT bills/ T bonds

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Learn how to make an investment once you have decided.

Ceybank Investment Plans

Ceybank Investment Plans are based on investing regularly and designed to suit individual Lifestyle investment needs. Face the future confidently by making your own investment plan to achieve your financial goals, be it your wedding, retirement, a dream home or children's education.

Cey MIPs (Ceybank Monthly Investment Plans) is a regular Investment Plan that allows you to invest in different types of investments (Stocks, Corporate Debt, Treasury bills etc.) through a pre arranged mix from four investment Funds.

(Read Cey MIPs brochure)

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